SPONSORED: Destiny Etiko Shares Her Love Stories As She Covers NICSON AFRICA MAGAZINE

Destiny Etiko Shares Her Love Stories As She Covers NICSON AFRICA MAGAZINE

Nigerian actress Destiny Etiko lets us in on her rise in the Nollywood industry and her love stories as she covers one of the fastest growing magazine in Africa, Nicson Africa Magazine.

Love is a beautiful thing. It can make one go crazy most atimes. For love one can do unimagineable things. Many has crossed and many still trying to cross oceans just for love. Many people have sacrificed their precious time to see that love suceed. A very big fan of Destiny Etiko, a Nigerian actress has done what seems to be the craziest thing one can do out of love for a celebrity.


Destiny Etiko is a fast rising Nollywood actress, scriptwriter, television personality and a model. She hails from Udi, a small village in Enugu State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. She is very beautiful, gifted, skillful, creative and talented in acting and interpretation of movie roles and can fit in any character given to her by movie producers and directors in Nigeria.

Destiny Etiko is very gifted in acting, she is very talented and has been regarded as one of Nollywood fastest rising actress. Destiny Etiko in the cause of her acting career has won several awards which include Best Promising Actress in Nigeria at the City People Entertainment Awards, Best New Actress at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards and Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the Golden Icon Movie Academy Awards.

On the recent interview granted by the actress to NICSON AFRICA MAGAZINE on their love edition. She shared her view and love experience.

The Interview:

How was growing up like?

“Growing up was cool it was really much cool. I was living together with my family and it was just cool nothing much. We grew up in a cool environment – not so big not so small, in a middle class of life and I was fine. I was very cool with that.”

Do you believe in love at first sight?

“ well, some people do believe in that as a matter of fact, but for me I just see it as lust. When you see someone, you love the person immediately. You want to be with the person, I see that as an infatuation. I think it’s actually lust no t love because apparently if you happens to be close to that person you ‘ll actually find something that will make you want to run away from the person. So I don’t personally believe in that. Well I see someone , I like the person at first but not like ‘love’ not really. It happens to people but eeeem not for me sincerely.”

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We would like to hear the summary of your love life

I don’t think I wanna disclose that on social media, but all I have to say is that love is a beautiful thing.when you have true love appreciate it. But I don’t have to start bringing my relationship on the social media and I think it cool.

How necessary is love?

“love is quite necessary. Like I ‘ve always said, if you happens to find yourself in love with someone and you ‘re cool with that then, it’s fine. Love has brought good thing for me, especially people that love more. When man loves you more he appreciate you. He does thing for you that you never imagined. So that’s the truth about my own part love. I try as much as possible not to fall much because even the bible makes us to understand that the man should love the wife more. I think that just the way it should be but love is sweet tho sometimes not all times.”

Can you give your career or go for break because of love?

It depends if I happen to find a man that loves me and I love him so much and he supports my career I believe we may end up together as husband and wife eeeem when it’s time for me to have a baby I can actually stay away from work, take more time to be with my husband and take care of my home, give him the best as mater of fact. When I have my baby obviously he has to understand because that is what love is all about. He has to understand me and if he does after the baby I can always go and do my job when it’s needed, but not like back to back as I always do.I took out timeto do my work the way it should be done. Basically, that just it. But giving up my career entirely because of love (I no fit).

How do you suggest people should handle their love life?

It’s an individual difference. A man should love you and you love him back if the love is reciprocal you people will not have issues. if your man understands I don’t think you should have issues with him. The you as a celebrity should know the time you are needed by your husband and at home. Then you as a celebrity should know that you have fans out there who want to see more of your job being there. Being you there should be mutual understanding that shouldn’t be an issue tho and I think so.

What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to you?

(Laughs) the truth is that I have met many people who love me. these fans loves and appreciate me. Even when I travelled to Ghana I have got some fans that not allowed me to rest. They kept taking me aroundmaking me happy and all tha, but the one that is a shocker to me till now was a guy I met when I went to Ghana. He said, Destiny I love you and I replied, I love you too. He laid down after signing authorgraph and said I should step on him. I said excuse me! and he said I should step on him tha that is the only way he should be happy. I said how can I step on you? I can actually hug you but not stepping on you that is disrespectful and he said no that he want his white shirt get dirty by me. Then when he get home or wherever he’s going anyone who sk him he will the person that it is his lover Destiny that stepped on his cloth and he is so happy with it and he will still wear the cloth the next morning. I have never imagined that. I have never seen that before. So I think that’s actually the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to me.

challenges people face loving these days?

No answer

Would you date a fan?

Well, I’m still a single girl I don’t know it depends, but I cannot date a fan because the fans are many how can I start dating them. the thing is if my husband has to be my fan first and I happended to give him opportunity and I find out that we are compatible, that we can grow fine. But dating a fan is what i like doing. it’s not my thing, but as a single girl you can always give a listening ear to people that come to you.

What is you worst date?

I don’t think I have any.

Latest project to be unleashed?

I don’t know for now because the movie we are doing is massively execessive.To start calling their names is what I cannot start doing so fans should keep their head up expect some things good coming up from me.

What challenges does celebrities like you do face ?

The is that men keep disturbing from all ramifications. Everybody want to be associated with you. Even people that you that they want hangout with you. Everybody want to be with you. And people will hate you will others love you. people will discriminate you. You just have to becareful as a celebrity. I think it is one of the challenges.

What is your most annoying habit?

No I don’t have. I can’t tracing it.

What do you do when not working?

I love to swim, I love to see movie. I like going to the cineama. I always set in my house to see the movies I have done and see some corrections and take it up. Also love site seeing – going from one place to another, doing shopping and be fine.

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Where would want to be in next few years?

Oh Jesus! I see myself going globally! Internagtional Hollywood! I want it! Where I wanna be is where I’m gonna be because I believe so much in my own decision and my mouth. I have altered it and God with me I’m going to achieve my dream. I will get to my destination. I know it’s not not easy but the God that started this journey will not let medown. So that’s just basically what it’s. I see myself big. Just mark my word. It gonna happen.

Who is your inspiration?

Genevive! I love Genevive a lots. Even while I was a child I was still in Js1 or Js2. I watched the movie she acted with Emeka like and I love her so much. She inspire me so much. Infact I love her she’s a great woman.

Your advice for people looking up to you?

My advice to those who love me, who look up to me I wanna tell you that I’m so grateful and I appreciate your love. How you watch my movie, the love you show me I don’t think I deserve it. I appreciate you all. I pray that my good Lord will continue to bless you. I will never let you guys down. I will try a muchas possible to always entertaian you. I will try my best and leave the rest to God and i love you guys.

For young ones that want to act, you have to be determined, patient, humble, and know what you want to do because many people will come and get distracted with one or two things. But when you know what you want to do and infact know your aspiration and make sure you are working towards your goal I don’t think you are going to have issues. Nollywood is a place you will get a lot of distraction if you are not careful, being prayerful you might lose it.
That is basically what it is. I love my fans and I believe they love me too and I say to you guys I will never disappoint you. Keep loving, keep Watching, keep appreciating and I promise not to let you guys down. One love!