Lady Zamar Gives Love Advice


Lady Zamar Gives Love Advice

Love can be a beautiful thing when done right, but sometimes it can be so complicated and overwhelming, especially if you have external factors influencing your relationship.

But Lady Zamar has a few words for all you lovers out there who may feel unworthy of the love you deserve.

In a chain of messages, Lady Zamar made it clear that people should block out all the negative thoughts that they may perceive of themselves as lovers or any other negative perceptions that they may receive from others.

“People will make you feel so small, make you feel out of someone’s league or tell you stuff that makes you believe that you aren’t good enough to be with a certain person, IGNORE THEM. If she said ‘yes’ she thinks you’re amazing, if he is with you, he thinks you’re amazing. SIMPLE.”

The singer also had a few choice words for all you workaholics out there.

“Your life isn’t your job or your career, you need to live outside of that. Be happy with who you are when there is nothing else.”

Thank you for the words of encouragement Lady Zamar.


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