Kwesta Partners With Telkom


Kwesta Partners With Telkom

Tis the year of the endorsement.Β Many South African music stars are making the shift from being just about music to growing the brand (and the rands).

The latest rapper to join this wagon is Kwesta. If you’ve been following the man, you’ll know that he’s always been a Butan man. Recently, he got into Heineken. And now he’s going into parastatals.

See tweet below:

Yep, Da KAR‘s gone and formed a partnership with Telkom Mobile. This is kind of a big deal on the money front because we know the state-owned entities don’t play when it comes to the pay. If you’re wondering what this entails,Β SlikourΒ took it upon himself to find the answer and it was simple: Kwesta is the face of the newΒ Z’khipha MoreΒ campaign. That’s wild. Can you lift up a fist to financial liberation. Congrats Kwesta!

Listen to Kwesta talk about the deal on soundcloud. Listen HERE


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