Dream Team’s Saso Is Engaged


Dream Team’s Saso Is Engaged

Lusaso Ngcobo better known as Saso and half member of Dream Team recently revealed that he is now officially off the market.

The rapper confirmed on a radio interview with Massive Metro that he has paid lobola for his fiance’ and is quite happy with his decision.

“It feels very different but it still feels the same, nothing has changed and I’m glad it’s like that. I think I was in a good position and comfortable position for me to make that decision. I feel like we’ve been together for a very long time and I’ve decided that actually, this is the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with, I don’t see myself without her so…”

Saso and his lady had met back in high school and said that him being in the entertainment industry doesn’t affect their relationship at all.

“We met in high school, I had just left high school and she had like two years left. We’ve been together, we’ve gone through a lot and I think that’s why I could make this decision. We’ve gone through so much and we’re still here together, we still love each other so much, so why not, you know? The time is now.”

Source: Zalebs


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