AKA Changes “Touch My Blood” Album Release Date


AKA Changes “Touch My Blood” Album Release Date

We aren’t totally surprised though. Like, this is AKA, the king of drama. We feel like sinceΒ this is reportedly his last album, he wants to add all the bells and whistles.

As we have already said, we’re not entirely shocked.Β Between the drama with his exΒ andΒ the #TouchMyBloodChallenge, something had to give, and unfortunately, it was the album. The ‘Don’t Forget To Pray‘ rapper took to Twitter to announce that the album, originally slated for a 25 May release, is being pushed back.

See tweet below:


The 15th of June is the new release date for the album and some of his followers aren’t impressed.

See their reactions below:

..Others are just worried that they won’t be able to win against the Tsibipians.

AKA gives the reason for the push back. Well..



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