LYRICS: Nasty C – Bless The Booth (Freestyle)

Nasty C – Bless The Booth (Freestyle)

Read Nasty C – Bless The Booth (Freestyle) Full lyrics

Here is the full lyrics to Nasty‘s recent freestyle on Bless The Booth series with Dj Booth & Tidal. Read and listen below: Get audio HERE



Hey waddup man, this is Nasty C all the way from South Africa

Right now, and I came to bless the booth

Yea (clears throat)

Season, coolest kid in Africa

Eh, am from ??? when I repre-fucking-sent

T don freeze like bitch don’t take another step, ehm

Its not my problem that you wasn’t heaven sent, ehm

Bitch am blessed, ehm proof

That is a virgin set of car keys, with  Suburban little Barbie

What that mean? Pause, that’s Ferragamie, oops I mean Ferragamo

Wait, activate God mode, eh, never had a barcode, eh

Never broke guy code, eh story of my life bro

I came up by the star hope, there was smoking light bulbs

Fendie with a big bitch, that is not a type o, eh

I go tru a lot bro, eh, I am not your life ghost eh

My peers turn to pythons, but that’s just how the dice rolls

Yuh, but fuck that, what’s that?

That’s cash I be damned if I don’t go chasing

And, you wouldn’t really have to make love to my mama to replace me

Ye!, gimmie that big uh, jump in a hoe speed racing uh

Waiting on me to fall, eh, oh then you gotta be patient!

Started off eh, winginging eh

I took this serious, now I got a minute in it

I got me a vision, and committed to defending it

????? spitting must be in my lineage oh shit!

Me and my dawg we predicted this, we spoke this shit to existence ye!

Everyday, we was consistent yea!

To set it straight, we fucking magicians

When they told us, dream of something we could live with more realistic

What you mean? I don’t follow and I didn’t I was ??

I was buzzing, I was starving, rap was calling, I responded

I was certain, I had purpose, I was nervous, I was scared

But the city that I lived, said I had to represent

Am from ??? when I repre-fucking-sent

T don freeze like bitch don’t take another step,

Its not my problem that you wasn’t heaven sent

Eh, blessed eh, bitch you see the shirt, tell ‘em oooo shit

You know my daddy raised me well, mm yea!

Touch my lunch I ring a bell, yea am doing better can’t you tell

Mm yea, am doing better can’t you tell mm

Now I make you feel inferior

Way  you like to buy my shit, I got malaria

Now please beware, am just a ??? ???

And I came to tear it up, came to the burial

You wasn’t hearing us before, I know, that nature played its role

A man was made and told, just take your plate and go

Before we scored, we traveled back and forth

We had to have a door landing on our faces boy

I, wasn’t always hot I window shopped

I, was under you I know you missed those time

The score don settle now and if its not a throne, I sit on tiles

I took the standards ?????? and I set them high

I try to deny that am the guy but who am I?

I try to deny that am the one, that’s a lie

Audiomack I had to drive by, coolest kid in Africa

That ain’t gon lie Nigga ye

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