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10 Most Beautiful Russian Female Singers

Read below to see the list of the 10 Most Beautiful Russian Female Singers

The beauty of Russian women is glorified throughout the world. Russian singers
are invariably included in the tops of the most beautiful women of the planet. There are
10 popular Russian singers whose names and songs you probably know or have heard at
least once. They are notable not only for musical talents and abilities but also for their
appearance. All of them are considered the real beauties of the Russian music scene.


1. Alexandra Savelieva
Alexandra is a 30-year-old soloist of the "Fabrika" band. In her childhood, she
was engaged in figure skating and attended a music school in the class of flute and
piano. Teachers predicted her a sporting future, but the girl preferred music.
Alexandra has repeatedly been on the list of the most beautiful Russian women.
At the same time, she doesn’t try to meet any standards of beauty, confidently feels
herself in her weight and rejoices each excessive kilogram.

2. MakSim
The real name of MakSim is Marina Abrosimova. As a child, she studied at a
music school, then began to write her own songs. The first popularity came in Tatarstan
when her songs began to sound in clubs and local radio stations. Then Maxim moved to
Moscow and found a company that agreed to record her album. Thus, began her great
career. Since then, the singer has conquered Russia with her songs.

3. Polina Gagarina
Polina was born in Saratov. She studied at the music school, participated in the
TV show "Star Factory", and in 2003 she won the lead. Her debut album was released in
2007. In 2015, Polina Gagarina presented Russia at the "Eurovision" contest and was
the second.
Now her career develops not only in the musical field: she voiced the heroine of
the cartoon "Hotel Transylvania". At the present time, she is a mentor in the television
project "The Voice".

4. Tatyana Kotova                                                                                                           Tatiana was born in the Rostov region in an ordinary family and didn’t study
music. Her career began on the fashion podiums, at school she took part in beauty
contests, and at the university, she was noticed by the director of the modeling agency.
In 2006 he took the title of "Miss Russia" and represented the country at the
competitions "Miss World" and "Miss Universe". In 2008 she became a member of the
band VIA Gra, and after it embarked on a solo career. In addition to releasing new
songs, Tanya takes part in the filming.

5. Elena Temnikova
Since childhood, Elena has been engaged in music and participated in vocal
competitions. In 2006, she started her activity in the band "SEREBRO", and in 2007 the
bend went to the "Eurovision" contest, where they finished up in the third place.
In 2014 Elena began a solo career: she released her first singles and developed the
collection of accessories together with the famous Russian brand. Now she releases
songs and participates in various television projects.

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6. Sati Casanova
The 33-year-old singer has long won the hearts of the Russian public by
participating in the "Fabrika" band. Now Sati is successfully engaged in her solo career.
The singer has made on the list "The Most Beautiful Brunettes of Russia".

7. Vera Brezhneva
In her childhood, Vera tried herself in many spheres, but most of all she liked to
study in a theater group. In 2003 she began to sing in the band VIA Gra, and in 2007
she left the project.
Vera is involved in many things: she releases new songs and clips, acts in films,
works as a TV presenter, is a promotion representative of several brands, has her charity
fund to help the cancer-stricken children, and became UN Ambassador for HIV infected

8. Nyusha                                                                                                                  The 25-year-old Anna Shurochkina has a wonderful voice and personal beauty. It
should be noted that the singer didn’t finish the musical school and has never done
vocals. She considers singing to be a gift. At the moment, her songs occupy leading
positions in all the top charts. Of course, this talented girl is worthy of being included in
the rating of the most beautiful Russian singers.

9. Zara
Zarifa Mgoyan was born on July 26, 1983. The singer dreamed of acting on a big
stage from early childhood. Therefore, when there was a chance to take part in the
project "Star Factory 6", she decided to take a risk. At the end of the program, Zara
fetched the audience and still delights fans with her songs.

10. Anna Pletneva
Anna is a soloist of the pop group "Vintage". After the birth of the child, the
singer was diligently engaged in dancing and singing to get herself into shape. She
doesn’t keep a healthy diet, but has one secret of a beautiful figure: after eating, she just
stands at the wall for 20 minutes. This trick was told by her dad, who believed that in
such a way the food is better absorbed. Ask Ukrainian brides for more tips on how to
keep yourself healthy.