MUST READ: The Exclusive Sex Worker Last Episode (18+)

The Exclusive Sex Worker Last Episode (18+)


The Exclusive Sex Worker Last Episode (18+).

Richie watched me silently, a small smile on his face. “Breathe, Tishé. You got this…. I have to go now and can’t wait till you put your words together.”
“No! Wait, Richard!” I snapped, finding my voice finally. “Didn’t you tell her I’m a student?”
“Nope.” He replied, picking up his phone and wallet, “I left a little token of appreciation for last night in that drawer over there. After your meeting with Ivy, Joe will take you to your new residence to see if it’s to your liking. If you’re not satisfied with the furnishing, I can have the decorator change it.”
My residence? Already? He’d obviously been working on it all through the past week when I’d thought our contract had been over. He’d been certain I would be coming back, he was such an arrogant bastard but that was the least of my worries.
“Don’t you think it’s awkward for me to design a dress for your cousin? What if she grills me on the sort of relationship we have, she saw me Unclad in your office during working hours for crying out loud.”
His features became thoughtful, his hand was on the door knob now as he was about leaving. “If she asks about us just tell her it’s none of her business.”
“Ritchie! How can I say that to a potential client?”
He chuckled. “Okay, tell her it’s complicated, is that better?”
“Not really but…”
“I’m sure you can handle it anyway, I really have to go now. I’ll see you in the evening.”
With that, he was out the door.
What the hell was happening? Was I really going to be designing an outfit for an A list actress for one of the biggest awards in the country?
This was too much, I hope I didn’t faint at the meeting. Wait, I didn’t even have my materials with me. How would I take her measurements without my measuring tape?
I needed to get home first, change clothes, grab my materials and more sketches. I doubt I would meet up with the time but I had to try.