MUST READ: The Exclusive Sex Worker Episode 29 (18+)

The Exclusive Sex Worker Episode 29 (18+)


The Exclusive Sex Worker Episode 29 (18+). He clamped my between his fingers, flattening his fingers against my pvssy, he wriggled my gently from left to right between his fingers and I moaned.

“Ohhhh” I shuddered


“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” He muttered and I nodded rapidly.

The pleasure building up my core was so intense.

“Say it.” He ordered. ‘Say you like it.”

Now, with my still tightly clamped between his fingers, he made slow up and downwards movements with his hands. His hand stroking my pvssy from top to bottom, while his thumb lingered on my Buttocks.hole, rubbing against the hole.

“Oh my…. I…I like it Rich.” I moaned, noticing my breathing was now heavier.

“Good.” He said and I could hear the smile in his voice.

The bastard was enjoying making me want this even though he knew I really didn’t want this. I really did wish I could tell him to stop but the pleasure was so good and again,I found myself whispering, “I need your mouth on my pvssy Rich, I need you to make me cvm….. Please.”

He paused for a second and I felt his fingers stop moving. He must have heard the longing in my voice and knew that I really needed this.

His hands were suddenly on my Pvssy, spreading the outer lips as his tongue began licking over it’s inner walls, his lips making little kissing sounds as he kissed the insides.

“Ahhhh…..Rich….” I called.

“Yeah? You like that? Say you like it…” he said as his tongue flattened directly over my femalecore now and he ran over it, firm but slow.

“Oooohhh…Yes! Yes!” I shrieked at the burst of sudden pleasure and I jerked.

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“I’m going to finger fvck you now, Tish and I need you to scream in pleasure, can you do that for me?”

He slipped his fingers into my va.gina, stroking from side to side then gently before pressing down as if stretching my va.gina open. He began moving his fingers side to side, stretching me wider. I swear it felt similar to a di’ck filling me up and slowly fvcking me.

It was so good, I rocked my hips to his fingers as I moaned.

His mouth closed over my again and I shuddered, he sucked my clit with his tongue and mouth. It wasn’t too light, it wasn’t hard, it was perfect.

“Oh yeah…Oh fuvck…..oh Rich!” I said, as he sucked me off, writhing my waist so much that he had to clamp a hand tightly over my thigh to get me still.

His finger moved upwards as he began stroking the wall behind my, my He stroked my pleasure spot, simultaneously sucking and teasing my with his tongue and the sensations multiplied.
I couldn’t take this much longer.

“Ohh…..Rich, ooh…..ooh….” I moaned as the sensations intensified, my whole groin was heated up sweetly.“ooh…fvvvck…Rich…..I am going to fvvvcking cvm…..oooh Rich.”

He licked faster, his fingers stroking my g spot faster and I felt the intense build up in my It grew till it was tightening and then it was cvmming.

“Ooooh…..oooohhh…fvck! fvck!” I screamed as the took over my body. I jerked uncontrollably as my inner convulsed and let myself go as the passed through it.

My breasts tingled, my feet tingled, my groin ached, it was a feeling so sweet, I never wanted it to stop.

Rich kept stroking my spot and his mouth remained clamped to my all through my ride through the

“Ooooh …. Ohhhhh…” I moaned as I fell back to earth.

Opening my eyes, I realised Rich was looking at up me from between my legs. His mouth no longer on my pvssy, he smiled lightly as he withdrew his fingers.

I caught the sight of my wet cvm over his mouth and some splotches of wetness on his shirt.

I frowned and he followed my gaze down to his shirt.
Nodding as if replying to a silent question, he said. “Yup, that’s all you….You Pour on me.”

I closed my eyes in embarrassment. Okay, this was the part where I should die, I thought to myself.

“Tishé, look at me,” Rich ordered gently and I did. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, you were beautiful, you are beautiful.”

I couldn’t believe he was saying this, and he looked like he meant it too. Why was he being so nice? This wasn’t the quick tempered, arrogant, smirking bastard I knew. Was it all a front to keep me as his exclusive?

He got up and walked into the bathroom,I guessed to wash his hands.

He came out a little later, cleaning his hands with a handkerchief before he began undoing the bond holding my hands captive.

It was good having my hands back and the first thing I did was slap him across the cheek, hard.

He deserved it and I was about slapping him again when he held my hand back. I tried hitting him with my second hand but he held it back also, pinning them against the headboard as he climbed over me on the bed, kneeling astride me.

Silent, he watched me with an unreadable expression.

“I hate you.” I said not sure if I meant it but how else could I express my feelings. I was pissed with him for taking me to such heights of pleasure against my will and more so, I was angry with my body for going there and even begging him for it. “You’re a bully…a fvcking pervert! I so fvcking hate you!”

“Don’t say that.” He said quietly. “ You don’t mean it.”

“I do,I hate you do doing this against my will…. don’t you ever take no for an answer?”

“Not usually, especially when I want something really bad.” He said quietly. “And you wanted it quite bad yourself.”

“This doesn’t change anything, Rich. Eating my pvssy like a champ isn’t enough to make me put up with your craziness. I’m still going ahead to break off the contract, now more than ever.”

“Now hold on for a minute, Tishé” He said, bringing my hands down. “ Listen to my proposition first, will you? I didn’t come over just to eat your pvssy. I actually had some things I wanted to talk to you about. Call them incentives if you like.”

“I’m not interested.” I spat.

“Please, can you just let me talk?”

I shrugged, already knowing it wouldn’t change anything.
“Good.” He said, completely leaving my hands now and laying down beside me, he pulled my back to himself and I didn’t resist as his hand went under my shirt to cup my Bosom.

“Your contract comes with a few other things, Tishé but I wanted to sort out what I had with my former exclusive before talking to you about it.” He began.

“I don’t want anything from…..”

“Oh for goodness sakes, Tishé can you just let me finish?” He snapped and I kept mute. “Gosh, you do know how to try a bloody saint!” He murmured.

“Anyway, as I was saying, you’re entitled to fully furnished living quarters somewhere in town, usually its a two bedroom apartment but I would upgrade you to a three bedroom terrace duplex on one of the estates I own in Maitama . You will have a car, I usually pick the cars but in your case, I will let you make the choice of car you would prefer. Then aside your monthly payments and bonuses, I will set up a considerable monthly allowance for you which you can exhaust to your satisfaction and then, I’m aware your final project is coming up and I guess you would need quite a lot of money to set it all up. I am willing to sponsor it, all of it.”

I had kept quiet, listening to him while my eyes widened as he listed all he was willing to do to keep me. Every offer, even more impressive than the last and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted. How had he even known about my final project?

I indeed was tempted but when I thought about the blackmail hanging over me, I decided it was better to let him go.

I knew the moment I made a payment to Tony, his demands wouldn’t end and I just couldn’t risk him exposing the other side of my life. It would be better if I told him I couldn’t get the money because I was dumped by Rich.

“Tishé,” Rich called. “It’s time for you to speak now, I’m done.”

I caught the arrogance in his voice. He thought he had gotten me now, he also probably thought he had stunned me speechless with his offer.

“I’m not interested. I don’t need a house, I like where I am presently.” I said, sitting up and pulling away from his hand over my Bosom.

He sat up also. “You prefer this dump?”

“Yes Rich, I would take this dump ten times over your domineering, arrogant attitude! I don’t need a car, money or anything else from you. I just need my freedom.”

As I held his gaze, I saw his face turn from smirk to serious frown.
“You’re serious?”

“Yes Rich! Dead serious. I want out of this.”

“Why? What in the world did I do? Is it really because of last night or is there something more? You really hate me as you keep saying?” He asked, looking baffled that I was resisting him.

“You are just…I’m….I…. You scare me. You get easily piseed and when you do, you become scary. I can’t trust my safety around you… it’s like when angry you don’t think straight anymore…I..I can’t handle it.”

He sighed. “But you know I will never really hurt you intentionally….okay…then I will try controlling myself, will that be okay?”

“No Rich, my mind’s made up…. I’m done here, you’ll find someone else compatible with you.”

“Tishé…” Rich’s voice was gentle and he tried taking my hand but I pulled away and got off the bed.

“Rich please, just leave please? There’s nothing else you can say.”

His hard gaze held mine and I looked away, afraid he would know there was some other reason I was keeping from him.

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He had promised to keep his cool but I’d still refused, he had to know something else was up.

With a resigned sigh, he got off the bed, picking up his jacket from where he’d dropped it earlier.

Without a word, he walked to the door, unlocking it, his hand was on the knob when he turned back to look at me. “There’s something else you are not telling me, Tishé… in my experience, everyone has a price and when one doesn’t accept a price, it’s because someone else is offering a higher price…..I will leave you for now but I will keep hoping you come around.”

He left, closing the door behind him and I dropped on the bed, suddenly deflated. O hadn’t known I’d been so tensed and barely holding myself together.

Now, all I felt was fatigue.

Goodness, dealing with Rich was so exhausting, but at least I finally ended things with him.

Vivian burst into the room as I began pulling off my shirt, preparing for another bath.

She took in the sight of the room, my Unclad body and shook her head. “Is that how you scream down the place when he fvcks you?”

When I didn’t reply, she continued,the disapproval evident in her voice. “For all your high talks about ending your contract with him, the guy locks you up in the room with himself and the next thing he’s fvcking your brains out while you’re yelling and disturbing the whole building.”

Sparing her a brief glance along with a hiss, I grabbed the towel I’d wrapped around my head when Rich had come in, sauntering into the bathroom.

I really wasn’t in the mood for a disapproving Viv now.

To Be Continued…