MUST READ: The Exclusive Sex Worker Episode 23 (18+)

The Exclusive Sex Worker Episode 23 (18+)


The Exclusive Sex Worker Episode 23 (18+). “You and Gene can have each other, you’re cut from a cloth, I just want to get home.”

I saw something flash across his features, I wasn’t sure what it was but I suspected it was probably annoyance. I’d just insulted him and knowing him and his temper, maybe I shouldn’t have done that.


It was too late now, the words were out there.

“Come here.” He said quietly, his arms still folded across his chest.

I stood rooted to the spot, not sure why he wanted me over but I suspected it would be another form of punishment.

“Get your Buttocks over here or Lord help you if I move an inch from here.” He said tersely.

I saw how serious he was and knew he was barely holding on to his patience. I walked over to him, giving him an arm’s length of distance.

He took my arm in his and pulled me closely to himself, surprisingly gentle. He bent his head to my neck and brushed his lips lightly over it.

It felt so bloody good and unexpected that I shivered. This man surely knew how to tease my body.

“I should let you go right now for the insults you just hauled at me, but for some reason, I just can’t….. There’s something about you, Tish…. Something magnetic, I want more of you and till I’ve had my fill of your body, you’re going nowhere.”

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He concluded his statement with a bite along the curve of my neck and I shook, my hands grasping on to the front of his tee shirt.

He held on to my waist, placing gentle bites along my neck which I immensely enjoyed, my body shivering in pleasure.

“What the is going on here?”

I turned to see Gene in the doorway, she was dressed in a really short figure hugging gown that did wonders for her body.

Richard looked up also, leaving my waist, he said to her, “Hello Genie, you are just in time.”

I frowned confused, what was she doing here at this time of night? Had he brought her here to her in my presence again?
Goodness! I hoped he didn’t plan on a three.some!

“What’s the riff raff bi’tch doing in here?” she asked without a glance at me.

He spoke, ignoring her question. “I called you over here to pick up your trash you left lying around in my house and to let you know that you and I are never getting in business together again.

I also wanted to tell you in person that I will stop paying your rent from next month, so you will either have to find new accommodations or pay your rent yourself. You can keep the car, I have no use for it.”

Gene looked stunned, she struggled to speak, “Wait!…. Richie, last night at the club…..I thought we’d settled our differences? You said you would take me back if i f.u.cked you with everyone watching.”

“No Gene, I said I might reconsider….”

“What the Bleep, Rich? You made me go through all that when you never planned on taking me back? You’ve forgiven me in the past, why can’t you forgive me now? I know I was wrong, I…..” She came into the room as she spoke, approaching where Rich stood with me.

Shoving me aside, she stepped between me and Rich. She placed her hands on the sides of his face. Her eyes pleading with him.

“I make you feel good don’t I? I do what you want and how you want it…. I even do what I don’t like and act as if I like it just to please you, why can’t you just forgive my mistakes?”

But he wasnt budging. “Get out, your things are at the front door. One of the drivers will take you back.” Rich said coldly.

“Rich?…wait, it’s her right? What… is she as good as I am? She doesn’t look like she can satisfy you the way I can… I promise I’ll be good this time, I promise…”

“Get out Gene, before I have Joe throw you out. We are done.” He said it with such finality that she froze.

She had gotten the picture,it was over.

She turned to look at me through teary eyes filled with hate. Why was she mad at me? She brought this upon herself.

“You can keep the dressing gown,” she said eyeing the silk gown I wore. “I wouldn’t touch it after trash like you has put it on.”

I kept mum even though I wanted to tell her at least I wasn’t a cheap wh’ore who slept with everyone for a little change.

She left and I turned to look at Rich,he was looking back at me.

I saw that this had been meant as a lesson for me, he’d shown me what happened when he was done with someone. What happened if I veered off our agreement.

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He had bleeped Gene in public to humiliate her. He had never planned on taking her back. I thought that was too rash but he was Richard Doherty, the wicked, perverse billionaire.

“I want out.” I said, even adding a “please.”

“No.” Was his clipped reply. “ I’ll let you rest now. In the morning, a driver will drop you off. I will reach you when I need you.” He said walking towards the door before stopping in his tracks.

He didnt turn back as he said, “there’s two hundred and fifty thousand in the drawer beside the bed. Consider it an apology for the way tonight went. In future I would be needing your account details, you can drop that with Joe, when he drops you in the morning. Goodnight.”

I watched him leave without a backward glance. I was quite really mega pissed myself. I was no one’s prisoner and I didn’t really care if he was paying me stupidly high for doing nothing much, he was unpredictable and he scared me somewhat.

I couldn’t do this, not with him and that was final.

To Be Continued…