MUST READ: The Exclusive Sex Worker Episode 20 (18+)

The Exclusive Sex Worker Episode 20 (18+)


The Exclusive Sex Worker Episode 20 (18+). Thirty minutes had passed at least when I came out of the toilet where I went to drink in solitude. I wasn’t sure of the timing but I’d been there long enough to finish the bottle of sweet red wine.

I was no officially drunk and stumbling about while my head spun in circles. This was the part where I should go to bed and sleep it off but I had to find Rich or Joe and have them take me back to my place.


I crashed into a guy and lady making out along the corridor.

“Sorry,” I slurred finding my way back to the dimly lit hall where Rich had been putting on a show for everyone.

The thought of it made me feel nauseated again,or maybe it was the effect of too much wine, I wasn’t sure. He’d had the gall to bring me here, to watch him his ex wh.ore? Who did that?

I couldn’t go far on my unstable legs, so I found a seat next to a couple who were already Fu.c’king their selves away and dropped into it.

I just needed to rest a while before I would continue my search for Rich.


In the middle of my drunken, hazy, slumber, I began feeling a hand kneading one of my breasts softly and another one lightly fingering my Kittycat. I tried to open my eyes but I was too drowsy.

“Stop.” I said weakly knowing this was wrong, who could be touching me this way?

The hand didn’t stop. “Stop.” I tried again. Now I tried opening my eyes but all I could see was a blurry haze as my head was spinning.

I tried slapping his hands off but he held my hands in one of his and continued the unwanted assault on my womanliness.

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“Stop, stop.” I continued as that seemed to be the only words in my head at the moment.

“What the” I heard Rich’s familiar voice and my eyes managed to make out his figure before closing again.

The hands holding mine eased off. I heard some scuffling but was too drowsy to care about what was going on.

“Where the hell were you, Tish? I’ve been looking for you for the past hour?” Richard asked,his voice pissed off. It seemed he was always pissed off with me about something. I was too drunk to care at the moment.

“Toilet.” I tried to say but I doubt it came out that way.

“What’s wrong with you? What did you take? Were you drugged?”

“Bottle of wine.”

“You drank the whole damn bottle?” Richard sound shocked.

“Joe, let’s get her to the car.”

“Hi Joe.” I greeted not sure where exactly he was.

I felt something being draped over my shoulders just before someone carried me in his arms. That was the last for me before I slipped off into sleep.

To Be Continued…