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LYRICS: YoungstaCPT – Own 2018


LYRICS: YoungstaCPT – Own 2018

Read the lyrics to YoungstaCPT‘s new jam Own 2018 below:

I wanna own 2018, 2019
2022, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
checka 26…33
wise in 021, 78, 00
I wanna own 2018 and 19
that’s my dream
wasn’t made by the Chinese
I wrote the song on new year’s day
but already knew what it means
who cool is jy?
let us stop the year bro, with the awards
celebrating the top list

Masjozi was like Sho!
yoh, stage 2 crisis, water
i don’t wanna know what’s gonna happen here more
Damn for drying up across the nation
when we also answer it’s complicated
turn the tap in
now was flowing the rap
another one is classic like DJ Khalid
Still doing it for Kaapstad
the real Kaapstad, I ?
clear the path
My words hard

This is history with efficiency
but can you picture me at the fishery
use your nostrils to smell the ?
I just put braai without the charcoal
too much sauce for your boerewors
I turn old ? to the newest Porch, like skriii..
No exhaust that motor sport you got no support
I go to the ghettos to a trophy tour
to fly back and forth like i’m an astronaut
away to Pluto on a telemuno
my girl gets lower than Babes Wadomu
? don’t expect a clue though
but where were you though I’m nomer Uno!
I’m Een!
One word, you were not the answer die antwoord
my ex dies at date night

more bars, let’s hype
so please, assemblief don’t act like a thief
you need to get rough with a tub full of ?
you should give more money to the poor when you rich
so yes imma go hardn in the these
my verse is a crobars, so charged
my bra you’re so passed, stay soft
my broer don’t try it quiet
I’m a Somalian Pirate, got the violence
when I play to the highest, He shine his light down
Ultraviolet shh..silence

God damn, you underrate me but ?
God damn, so many west rappers ?
God damn, selling that gabhish smell like ?
God damn. you’re obsessing
God damn, I’m a general now you salute me
God damn, kinders they love us they ?
see how tightly she held me?
ass soon as we took the selfie
imma play her like a ball for Chelsea
and kinders love us ?
from here to venter Lantegee, all the ghettos in the Western
it’s like 2019 is already here but it’s 2018
what a year!
2018 imma own it

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